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Bua Ban

Bua Ban
Written by Jiap des
Sunday, 02 December 2007
If you love casual clothing styles and accessories, Bua Ban Shop offers you a wide variety of something different for your wardrobe with delicate fabrics of truly soft cotton prints in Japanese designs that you can mix and match according to your own fashion and current trends.

Though the store is decorated in a rustic style using wood and displaying mostly dark blue tone Noren, the majority of the clothes are available in natural and earth tones. Chidchamai Chaipol or "Pon", the shop manager, said that Bua Ban, which means "Blooming Lotus”, is intended as a showroom for potential clients to observe the garment pieces. The majority of the clients are Japanese, French, and the rest are Thais who are mostly film and TV celebrities and their costume designers. The shop is owned by a Chiang Mai businessman who exports his fashion apparels to Japan. Most of his clothes are creations of designers in Japan, then printed and made in Chiang Mai while some other accessories are locally crafted.

Products are designed for both men and ladies, offering a wide selection of shirts, blouses, skirts, pants, T-shirts, vests, Yukata (Japanese casual kimono), Japanese style aprons, scarves, shawls, hats, lady handbags, fashionable bags, sandals, flip-flops and boots. The printed cotton designs clothes use nature as its main theme highlighting rabbits, flowers, waves, clouds, dragons and human characters. T-shirts are uniquely designed using hand painting, batik-dyeing, indigo dyeing, and embroidery. One fine sample of embroidering is the needle work T-shirt of places of attractions in Japan.

Decorative items are dolls, absorbent-bag dolls, Noren (Japanese fabric dividers, (hung between rooms, on walls and in doorways), bed linen, table cloths, cushion covers, place mats, coasters and tissue box covers. Pon plays a variety of non-stop music broadcasted from a Greece radio station via the internet to entertain her clients while they browse through the garments. Prices are reasonable and range from 50 baht per piece to 3,500 baht for a large size of crafted work. T-shirts and shirts cost between 350 to over 500 baht a piece depending on designs and fabrics.

As one of the shop's regular customers, I personally like the Japanese style apron, scarves, T-shirts and blouses as their soft cotton fabrics are comfortable to wear in a very warm country like Thailand.

Bua Ban is one of the highly demanded shopping spots for my regular visitors from Bangkok and the U.S who appreciate this style of fashion clothes.

You can check out Bua Ban new collections at the Bua Ban Shop on Tha Pae Road about 50 metres from Tha Pae Gate near Art Cafe.
Open from Monday to Saturday (closed on Sunday),10 a.m. - 6 p.m.
Tel.: 053 206 205

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